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What We Do

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we help restaurants

Become Independent from Doordash & Co

We help you get traffic to your website that converts into valuable customers for your business so that you can keep the 30%+ that Doordash and Ubereats charge.

Get a clear overview

We take the guess work out of your Marketing strategy with precise tracking methods. We make sure that nothing is based on 'luck'.

Build customer relationships

We help you build a valuable relationship to your customers. No more waiting for your customers to remember you and walk in some day. Reach out to them whenever you want and win them back proactively.

set up an online ordering system

We you set up your very own online ordering system for you on your website and will guide you through each step of the installation.

Create a world class website

We will build a world class website for you that follows best practises from thousands of studies and tests in the restaurant industry.

Build customer loyalty on autopilot

We will set up email and sms automations for you that will remind people to come back after some time so that we stay present in their head.

About us

We're in this with you


Be independent from Doordash, Ubereats & co who take 30%+ from every order


Taking the guess work out of your Marketing with precise analysis

Customer Satisfaction

Create a relationship to your customers and increase lifetime value


Don't rely on your customer's memory and random walkins anymore


New heights in 3 steps

Business Analysis

We will create a granular analysis of your business and look for opportunities to improve.

Setting Expectations

Together with you we will set clear expectations and trackable goals for the project.

Strategic Roadmap

With the status quo and goals in mind we will craft a strategic roadmap to get you from point a to point b.

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